The Morning Read: Monday, June 30, 2008

Michael Bloomberg is trying to overhaul senior centers.

Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Tom Menino wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal urging stricter gun control laws.

The only members of Congress from New York that disclosed what local projects they’re trying to fund were Peter King and Vito Fossella.

The City Council approved the $59.1 billion budget, and did not fund a handful of questionable member items.

Christine Quinn said she failed to get more money out of Bloomberg.

George Pataki won’t be a John McCain delegate.

Jacob Gershman finds outs where Dean Skelos buys his suits.

Sheldon Silver’s race gets some attention from Gotham Gazette.

Tom DiNapoli and Andrew Cuomo are racing to become the state’s biggest reformer.

Some taxi owners are upset at Bloomberg’s hybrid directive.

David Paterson may fire the head of the Public Integrity Commission if Darren Dopp’s accusations of bias are true, writes Fred Dicker.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board hopes Cuomo doesn’t purse the Dick Grasso case.

Barack Obama grapples with southern voters.

Dan Dorfman says Wall Street should fear ‘The Obama Market.’

John Kerry has a primary opponent.

Paterson has many fans in the gay community.

Quinn and Bloomberg marched in the parade with Paterson.

Bill Clinton is getting ready to make peace with Barack Obama.

Tom Brokaw is changing lots of things on Meet The Press.

And who really came up with that Waterfalls idea?

The Morning Read: Monday, June 30, 2008