The Morning Read: Monday, June 9, 2008

John McCain and Barack Obama rejected Michael Bloomberg’s joint offer with ABC News to host a town hall debate in New York.

“Hillary Clinton spent more money to lose a primary election than any candidate in Democratic Party history,” reports Celeste Katz.

Chuck Schumer endorsed Obama.

Republicans may bring up Obama’s position on driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

McCain is quietly courting evangelical Christians, who aren’t totally sold on him.

Robert Novak says Republicans, in general, aren’t all that excited about their nominee.

Ohio is problematic for McCain, reports Peter Wallsten.

Obama has paid staff in Virginia.

Political baseball cards!

Republican congressional candidate Frank Powers doesn’t want to talk about running against his son.

A feud between Sheldon Silver and David Paterson is holding up the governor’s reform package, Fred Dicker writes.

The state legislature isn’t passing Paterson’s bills.

The Albany County D.A. may not release all documents from the Troopergate investigation.

Parts of the records the D.A. releases will be redacted so they don’t interfere with four other investigations.

Joe Bruno’s son sold a house for $475,000, even though it was assessed at only $74,000.

Term limits don’t prevent staffers or former City Council members from seeking office.

The New York Times editorial board reiterates its distaste for term limits.

If Bloomberg challenged Paterson for re-election, Paterson would “run right at him,” according to an aide.

Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson were listed as co-chairs on a report that recommended changes in police procedures.

Andrew Cuomo is investigating a charity connected to actress Anne Hathaway.

The city is using off-the-books accounts to pay for homeless services.

The Port Authority has issued 3,506 E-ZPasses to its retirees, and 4,074 to current employees.

Calvin Butts backs Bloomberg on education.

Howard Kurtz talks to blogger-journalist Mayhill Fowler.

And that episode between Yvette Clarke and Bill Perkins is still making headlines. The Morning Read: Monday, June 9, 2008