The Morning Read: Thursday, June 12, 2008

On Hillary Clinton, David Broder writes, “With Ted Kennedy’s illness, she has no rival as the most influential Democrat on Capitol Hill.”

Barack Obama leads a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, 47-41.

Some unions are unhappy with Obama’s new economic director, Jason Furman.

In reference to Obama’s connection to James Johnson, Gail Collins asks, “What was he thinking?”

John McCain goes after female voters.

The New York Post points out that Cindy McCain would be more like Laura Bush than Hillary Clinton.

Michael Bloomberg and Chuck Hagel will be reunited today when the mayor appears in front of a Congressional committee the senator sits on.

Sheldon Silver said he’s confident the state will take over O.T.B. operations.

David Paterson was less optimistic.

The Yankees want more public financing.

The judicial pay raises that a judge ordered the legislature to enact would cost taxpayers $700 million.

The New York Post editorial board says Silver won’t go along with it because there’s nothing in it for him.

Ken Lovett stops a retired lawyer from joining Andrew Cuomo’s office again.

Vito Fossella hired some hot shot investigator.

Mike McMahon got a boost from House Democrats.

Anthony Como declared victory in the City Council special election in Queens.

Joel Klein and Al Sharpton are teaming up on education.

The Daily News editorial board wants cops to feel what it’s like to be tasered.

The M.T.A. is considering fare hikes next year, its executive director announced yesterday.

And Paterson agreed to let the police superintendent pick the governor’s security detail.

The Morning Read: Thursday, June 12, 2008