The Morning Read: Thursday, June 26, 2008

Michael Bloomberg will appear in Spanish language ads to urge people to vote.

A woman who said she was raped by a former Sheldon Silver staffer is now volunteering for Paul Newell, Silver’s challenger.

Dean Skelos said Bloomberg pledged to help Republicans keep control of the State Senate.

Skelos raised $1.2 million for his uncontested re-election.

The New York Post doesn’t think much will change after Joe Bruno’s departure.

Skelos is doing a listening tour.

Jim Odato looks at Bruno’s life after office.

Chuck Schumer teams up with Wal-Mart on a tax plan.

Danny Hakim thinks it’s unclear whether David Paterson’s approach to governing has been more effective than Eliot Spitzer’s.

Over the objections of local Assembly members, Michael Bloomberg’s garbage plan was approved.

Christine Quinn continues to be really unhappy with Albany’s plastic bag bill.

The Council will restore proposed budget cuts by dipping into their discretionary funds.

The city pension fund lost $5 billion in the last year or so.

Who aren’t Republicans considering as a candidate for Vito Fossella’s Congressional seat?

Hillary Clinton’s lawyer is trying to negotiate a way to get rid of her debt, and unify the Democratic Party.

Roger Cohen wants Barack Obama to visit a mosque.

The city wants every adult in the Bronx tested for AIDS.

A Brooklyn blogger helps police in a drug bust.

The M.T.A. is having trouble with plans to install cameras on buses and subways.

Robert Novak writes about Chuck Hagel and Colin Powell’s affinity for Obama.

Rick Davis may work for free, but his relationship with John McCain has been very lucrative, reports the Washington Post.

The Times of London
talks to Cindy McCain about her humanitarian work, and also Princess Diana.

Carrie Budoff Brown writes that Obama’s position on FISA is alienating him from netroot-types–although she notes he has never been a favorite of bloggers.

Obama says Ralph Nader was just trying to get attention.

Obama disagreed with the Supreme Court ruling that struck down the death penalty for child rape.

Karl Rove critiques Obama again in the Wall Street Journal.

And Jonathan Weisman writes about Obama’s unintended coattails. The Morning Read: Thursday, June 26, 2008