The Morning Read: Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fred Dicker defends his column and says David Paterson knows where the controversial quotes attributed to him came from.

Paterson’s chief of staff called high-level legislative staffers yesterday to deny the story, reports Jacob Gershman.

The Daily News editorial board sides with Dicker, and calls Paterson’s denial into question

Bill Hammond thinks Paterson’s support for a property tax cap is shaking up Albany’s status quo more than Eliot Spitzer ever did.

The tax cap will probably not pass.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board disapproves of a home mortgage bill Paterson may sign.

The New York Times poll that showed Bloomberg with his “highest mark ever in a Times poll” was conducted with only 444 respondents.

Bloomberg will help American Express teach people about nonprofits.

After he had laser surgery yesterday, Paterson delivered a graduation speech at Booker T. Washington Middle School, and got a standing ovation.

The New York Post editorial board doesn’t like Paterson’s choice of nominee to run the Power Authority.

Clyde Haberman looks at stores that keep their doors open and air conditioning on.

Bob Kapstatter says not many people are going to the Bronx Democratic County dinner.

The City Council will stop offering bottled water.

The M.T.A chairman is getting a raise.

The plan to build the Ferry Point Golf Course in the Bronx is back on, despite a critical audit last year.

The New York Times reports on the possible closing of community centers attached to the city’s public housing projects.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Barack Obama leading John McCain 48-42, with each receiving equal support from independents.

The Houston Chronicle reports that McCain will call for energy self-sufficiency partly through "aggressive domestic production" in a speech catering to the Texas energy industry.

Chris Bowers makes the case against Sam Nunn for V.P.

Hillary Clinton is holding a conference call with major donors, where she will reportedly ask them to put their money behind Obama.

Audience members booed other candidates at Al Gore’s endorsement event.

In an interview, Obama’s economic adviser declined to say who he voted for in the Democratic primary.

George Will isn’t happy with McCain’s position on the Supreme Court’s Guantanamo ruling.

Dana Milbank is entertained by McCain’s shifting positions.

Tony Horwitz suggests Obama start smoking again as a way to bond with rural white voters.

And Al Franken is behind in the polls. The Morning Read: Tuesday, June 17, 2008