The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barack Obama and John McCain are having an age-old partisan debate about the economy, writes the New York Times.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board is keeping the Jim Johnson storyline very much alive.

The Clintons have not forgiven or forgotten.

Politico explores Jim Webb’s "affinity for the Confederacy."

Clinton is urging her donors to give to Obama.

McCain has a new ad called "Safe," and has made a $1 million national ad buy, Mark Halperin reports.

McCain doesn’t rule out Michael Bloomberg as a running mate.

Bloomberg said the only way to reduce energy use is to raise taxes on it “dramatically.”

Bloomberg’s effort to change criteria for the city buildings commissioner is coming under scrutiny.

Tom Friedman says Muslims in the Middle East are excited about an Obama presidency.

Charlie Rangel has an op-ed saying Democrats will unite behind Obama.

The New York Post editorial board thinks Chuck Schumer is trying to bully Saudi Arabia.

The governor will no longer pick the head of his own state police security detail.

The F.B.I. raid of Bill Powers’ office in Albany last week may be connected to the Abramoff scandal and former Representative John Sweeney.

Investigators want to know if Sweeney was getting kickbacks for steering business to Powers’ lobbying firm, reports Jacob Gershman.

The probe focuses on the period when Sweeney’s wife worked at Powers’ company, reports the Times Union.

A city official was warned about the crane that ultimately collapsed.

The city canceled contracts with four nonprofits.

Judges may have to testify in court about pay raises.

The property tax-cap legislation Paterson supports may not go to a vote in the Assembly, according to the Journal News.

A state commission on funding the M.T.A. will report to the governor in December.

On the anniversary of Troopergate, Michael Goodwin complains, “Had Spitzer not been caught with his pants down, literally, his abuse of power would have gone unpunished.”

Grace Rauh writes about a little-known Andrew Cuomo-for-mayor rumor.

Christine Quinn wants major changes to the Rent Guidelines Board.

Eric Gioia wants Congress to back off its support of ethanol.

Tom DiNapoli justified raises to his employees because, he said, they might otherwise be lured away to the private sector.

Jon Corzine said his fight to keep emails he sent to his ex-girlfriend may go to court.

Andrew Spano wants to put Westchester county’s police headquarters in a building owned by a campaign contributor.

Two officials with Local 608 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners were cleared of bribery.

A spokesman for Anthony Weiner explains why his boss’ car was towed from 14th Street.

And a Google guy is heading to space. The Morning Read: Wednesday, June 11, 2008