The Round-Up: Friday

In New York City the unemployment "tsunami is still making its way across the ocean," reaching 5.2 percent in May. [NY Times]

The Macon branch of the Brooklyn Public Library reopened on Thursday after a two-year renovation. [NY Times]

The vice president of the MTA board backed off free passes for members, and said he would vote in favor of revoking unlimited free travel. [NY Times]

An engineer at a Brooklyn cite where a worker was killed in March has been charged with fraud. [NY Times]

The girlfriend of the missing hedge fund fugitive who faked his own suicide to avoid prison was charged with aiding and abetting his escape. [NY Times]

Court papers that were unsealed yesterday suggest that murdered real estate swindler Andrew Kissel was killed over a pile of cash stacked in his Greenwich home. [NY Post]

The CEO of Fresh Direct has resigned. [Crain’s] The Round-Up: Friday