The Round-Up: Thursday

The authorities have widened their criminal investigation of potential corruption inside the Department of Buildings’ crane inspection operations. [NY Times]

Dwindling real estate tax revenues may force the MTA to raise fares next year if Albany does not up funding. [NY Times]

The architectural designer Eric Clough embedded clues into a Fifth Avenue apartment, leading the family who lived there on a scavenger hunt through the rooms of their home. [NY Times]

A one-story brick carriage house on 19th Street between Irving Place and Third Avenue becomes a haven for Argentinean expats. [NY Times]

The Fed’s "Beige Book" says economy was weak in April and May. [NY Times]

The Yankees want the city to sell $350 million more in tax-free bonds so they can finish their new stadium. [NY Post]

The Upper East Side doorman who won $5 million in the state lottery will continue opening doors for his fellow millionaires. [NY Post]

Security guards at Cipriani file a class action suit against the company for failing to pay overtimes. [NY Post]

Gimme Shelter: The chairman of Warner Brothers Music has paid $6.5 million for a "tear-down" in the Hamptons. [NY Post]

Governor Paterson said the state might be forced to take over OTB. [NY Sun]

Amid the credit-crunch, some of the condos set to come on-line become rentals instead. [NY Sun]

A church will take over the site of what was once the largest pool hall in America. [NY Sun]

Stimulus checks give retail a boost. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Thursday