The Round-Up: Tuesday

Doctors at a community hospital in Cobble Hill claim they are being squeezed out so the hospital management system can sell off valuable property. [NY Times]

After eight years of promises, residents of the Marcus Garvey project in the Bronx have been told that the nearly completed after-school program under construction may not open at all. [NY Times]

A federal investigation blames faulty repairs for last December’s scaffolding collapse that killed one window-washer and critically injured another. [NY Times]

The Federal Housing Authority faces $4.6 billion in losses stemming from high default rates on home loans in its portfolio. [NY Times]

A new airport security system that uses a ski slope metaphor to allow passengers to pick a line based on familiarity with procedures is coming to New York soon. [NY Times]

Big chains like McDonald’s have withdrawn tomatoes from their menu as officials try to chart the source of a salmonella outbreak. [NY Times]

The number of pending home sales increased in April, beating analysts’ expectations. [NY Times]

A former concrete plant in the Bronx will be transformed into a 2.7-acre park. [NY Post]

An office building and two new hotels will soon rise on Eighth Avenue in the 40’s; AIG is leasing office space from Goldman Sachs at Joseph Moinian’s Maiden Lane building. [NY Post]

City Councilman and mayoral hopeful Tony Avella will introduce a bill banning the force-feeding of ducks and geese to make Foie Gras. [NY Sun]

The Department of Buildings has issued stop-work orders for 14 of the cranes operated by Nu-Way, the company linked to a bribery scandal at the agency. [Crain’s]

Lehman’s $2.8 billion second quarter loss stems largely from two real estate investments it made at the peak of the market. [WSJ]

Support groups for the overextended have popped up across American amid the credit crisis, particularly in California and Arizona. [WSJ] The Round-Up: Tuesday