The Week in DVR: Kathy Griffin Returns, the Mars Lander Touches Down, Roman Polanski Is Wanted

Monday, June 9

This week kicks off with a controversial documentary about the Oscar-winning filmmaker-cum-Humbert Humbert, Roman Polanski (9 p.m. on HBO). As you may recall, Mr. Polanksi, a Polish Holocaust survivor who was married to the eight-months-pregnant actress Sharon Tate when members of the Manson family murdered her in 1969, pleaded guilty to getting it on with a 13-year-old in 1977. A year later, he fled the U.S for Paris, likely evading years worth of prison time. But Marina Zenovich’s new film, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, which the LA Times calls a “surprisingly haunting examination of the politics, personalities and legal complexities of the 1977 case,” argues that Mr. Polanski’s flight to France was more than just a means of avoiding the slammer: “Plagued by a rabid American media and put in the hands of a judge known for his love of the spotlight, Polanski came to feel that his chance for equal treatment under the law was slim to none.” Sounds almost as good as Lolita! But don’t worry—if you miss this buzz-maker tonight, you can still catch it when it comes to New York on July 11.

Tuesday, June 10

Both episodes of Law & Order: SVU on NBC tonight are repeats. (Sigh.) But the 9 p.m. airing contains a gem, and that gem is a guest-starring role by Melissa Joan Heart, who’s most famous for playing Clarissa on the classic Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains it All. And who of the ‘90s generation wouldn’t want to see a grown-up Clarissa play a teacher accused of raping one of her 15-year-old students? If you can’t stomach a show about sex crimes, maybe you can stomach some tasty crabs on the Discovery Channel. Yes, we’re talking about Deadliest Catch, and there’s a new episode on tonight at 9 p.m.. For anyone who still hasn’t spent an hour with these burly seafarers, be sure to read Charles McGrath’s April 6 profile in The New York Times. Otherwise, David Beckham is guest on Jimmy Kimmel (8 p.m. on ABC).

Wednesday, June 11

Pickings are a bit slim this Wednesday, but anyone who’s been following the movements of the Phoenix Lander, which touched down on Mars’ northern polar region a few weeks ago, might be interested in tonight’s 10 p.m. Discovery Channel program chronicling the high-profile lander’s exploration of water and potential habitability on the Red Planet. And on the History Channel at 9 p.m., there’s a new episode of Monster Quest. Tonight’s topic: ghosts—specifically, those of the victims of infamous hatchet murderess Lizzie Borden at her storied home in Fall River, Mass.

Thursday, June 12

Bravo’s been a bit dull lately. No more Project Runway. Top Chef’s just not as good as Project Runway. Workout can only hold one’s interest for so long, and the Real Housewives are all chilling out in the Hamptons. But wait, who’s that foul-mouthed, gay-loving redhead we see penciled into the 9 p.m. slot? Why, It’s Bravo’s resident “funniest bitch ever,” (there’s actually a MySpace group devoted to this idea) Kathy Griffin!; who returns tonight with a new season of My Life on the D-List. After that, the hilarious and controversial Ms. Griffin, who once told the cast of Extreme Home Makeover to “Suck my dick!” after they beat her at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, hosts Bravo’s inaugural A-list Awards at 10 p.m. That means you get her for two and a half hours straight! Why watch anything else?

Friday, June 13

Well, there’s always Battlestar Galactica. (New episode at 10 p.m. on Sci Fi.)

The Week in DVR: Kathy Griffin Returns, the Mars Lander Touches Down, Roman Polanski Is Wanted