Thompson Wants City Agencies Audited for Water Debt

Comptroller Bill Thompson is asking Michael Bloomberg to conduct a citywide audit of all agencies to make sure they have paid their water and sewer bills.

Thompson made the request in a letter today, one day after he announced he had discovered the city Economic Development Corporation failed to collect water and sewer payments from their subtenants for 22 years, at a cost of about $4.5 million.

Meanwhile, water and sewer rates are about to go up 14.5 percent.

“This situation is simply outrageous," Thompson writes in the letter, which goes on:

“In order to ensure that these poor practices are not even more widespread, I urge your staff to thoroughly examine all City agencies for any failures to pay their water or sewer bills or collect the costs from sub-tenants. New Yorkers should not be subsidizing the City’s unpaid bills nor should they be expected to shoulder the consequences of the City’s lax oversight.”
Thompson Wants City Agencies Audited for Water Debt