Updated World Trade Center Timetable May Have No Dates at All

The Port Authority is expected to deliver its report about World Trade Center timetables and budgets Monday, and the situation looks so grim that the agency appears as though it will throw out the existing dates without setting a new timetable, at least for now, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

The Port Authority’s initial analysis found that the projects under the agency’s control—the PATH hub, the memorial, the Freedom Tower—stand to be delivered years behind schedule and substantially over budget. The agency wants more time to do further analysis, and could set dates at a later time, people briefed on the matter said.

Multiple previous studies and reports showed that the memorial could be years behind schedule, with the chances of opening in full by the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, all but an impossibility (more detail on this topic in our article from a couple of weeks back).

With a newly installed executive director at the Port Authority, Chris Ward, Governor Paterson is seeking to mark a clean break with the Pataki-era timetables. Governor Spitzer declined to readjust them despite knowing that they were unrealistic so as to not further delay the overall complex. This tactic, pushed by some in the governor’s circle, including former executive director Tony Shorris, met resistance from others in the administration, and was a subject of dispute between Mr. Shorris and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, which advocated for new timetables.

A Port Authority spokeswoman declined to comment.

Updated World Trade Center Timetable May Have No Dates at All