V.P. Agony, Pelosi Speaks

Two former aides to Hillary Clinton are raising money for ads that will pressure Barack Obama to pick her as his running mate. (Something Lanny Davis was talking up last night.) [The Fix]

Caroline Kennedy is part of the three-person team that will help choose Obama’s V.P. [Ben]

Nancy Pelosi praises Clinton, names Obama “the nominee.” [T.P.M.]

George Lucas loves Obama. [A.F.P.]

Hilary Rosen, a Clinton supporter, blogs that she is “disappointed” Clinton did not concede last night. [Huffpost]

The McCain campaign proposes town hall debates, and the Obama campaign says they will consider it, with some modifications. [Swampland]

Jimmy Carter says publicly that he does not think Obama should choose Clinton as a running mate. [Guardian via Ben]

V.P. Agony, Pelosi Speaks