Weekend Update: Party Fights, Puerto Rico, Accident Fallout

Hillary Clinton has "come to terms" with the fact that she will not win the Democratic nomination, reports The New

Hillary Clinton has "come to terms" with the fact that she will not win the Democratic nomination, reports The New York Times.

She also won the primary in Puerto Rico today by a "wide margin."

The Rules and Bylaws Committee of the D.N.C. decided to seat delegates from Michigan and Florida at the convention, but gave each only half a vote.

Craig Crawford of C.Q. writes, "The decision rendered today by the Democratic National Committee’s rules panel showed that Barack Obama has displaced Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as boss of the party."

Representative Alcee Hastings of Florida says he will boycott the convention.

The Clinton campaign is "reserving the right" to contend the Michigan decision, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Michael Crowley doesn’t think she will go all the way to the convention, though.

Obama resigned from Trinity United Church.

Ben posts the letter.

Al Gore is the featured guest at a Democratic "unity dinner" and fund-raiser in Manhattan tonight, which Howard Dean will also attend.

Howard Dean condemned the sexism and racism that has surfaced in this primary during his remarks.

According to Sam Stein, Lanny Davis lost "his cool" at yesterday’s D.N.C. meeting.

Newsweek has an account of the protests that took place outside the meeting.

Wonkette has some photos of those protests.

This pro-Hillary blog posts other photos (and some of the same ones).

Jane Hamsher posts a video of a Clinton supporter who was thrown out of the meeting, and attracted the attention of many reporters when she started an anti-Obama tirade.

The London Telegraph reports that Obama is ready to offer Clinton a cabinet post if she’ll step aside.

The A.P. is now calling Clinton’s attempt to win Puerto Rico "defiant."

Some good government groups are concerned about the level of security at the state capitol.

Ken Vogel obtains audio Bill Clinton on a private conference call saying superdelegates "have felt all the pressure from the Obama side, from the media, from the MoveOn crowd."

Drudge links to audio of Bill Clinton contradicting the campaign’s position on Florida and Michigan delegates.

Scott McClellan’s pitch to the publisher was reportedly less critical of Bush than the book that was publsihed.

Deborah Solomon interviews Jim Webb.

Jonathan Martin reports: "There are quite a few state G.O.P. conventions this weekend, and reading through the coverage online one finds a recurring theme: the Paul presence."

Obama got a superdelegate from Nevada.

Clinton got a superdelegate from Louisiana.

"[N]o one’s a ‘spoiler’ – unless we’re all ‘spoilers’ of one another," Ralph Nader tells the Wall Street Journal.

Diane Cardwell says construction related accidents have tarnished Michael Bloomberg‘s legacy.

The New York Times reports that the Manhattan D.A.’s office has opened a criminal investigation into the collapse.

The acting buildings commissioner threatened to shut down the city if there’s another fatal construction accident.

The New York Post reports that the practice of stashing money in the City Council budget using fake organizations actually dates to 1998, when Peter Vallone, Sr. was speaker.

Christine Quinn has reportedly had no time for fund-raising.

Rochester Turning declares the race in the 25th congressional district, where Dan Maffei is running, "over."

Jim Odato reports on the top 100 pensioners in the Teachers Retirement System.

Journalists parodied politicians at the annual Legislative Correspondents Association dinner.

City Councilman Joe Addabbo of Howard Beach announced that he has arranged a plan to aid the victims of the earthquake in China.

Al Sharpton rides a bike.

A resident of Queens complains about the flood of mail associated with the special City Council election.

The New York Times editorial board chooses Charles Ober as their candidate in that race.

Weekend Update: Party Fights, Puerto Rico, Accident Fallout