Weinsteins Bringing Neverland , The Wall to Broadway

The Weinsteins are bringing it to Broadway, baby. Their company will produce a musical version of Finding Neverland for the stage in 2010 as well as a theater adaptation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Harvey Weinstein helped bring Tom Stoppard’s play The Real Thing to Broadway in 2000 and then became involved the following year in Mel Brooks’ The Producers. Since then, he has invested in many theater projects, including wildly popular August: Osage County. All along he has maintained "a low-key role in the creative process," according to Variety. But for the upcoming slate of projects, he’s laying plans for the company to take control.

"Now it’s time for us to really take the lead on things," Mr. Weinstein said. "We own all these properties that lend themselves to musicals."

More musicals in the works include versions of Shakespeare in Love, Chocolat, Cinema Paradiso and Shall We Dance. Weinsteins Bringing Neverland  ,  The Wall to Broadway