Yes, He Can: John Cusack Will Not be Outdone by Scarlett Johansson

Yesterday, Scarlett Johansson reiterated her commitment to the Barack Obama campaign and sounded a bit like a smitten schoolgirl when talking about the presidential candidate. But, John Cusack, who recently released the satirical film War, Inc. that showed his disdain for the Iraq war, has released his own set of pro-Obama videos, or rather anti-McCain ads, according to AP.

The 30-second videos criticize President Bush’s and Senator McCain’s agendas, which he says are inseparable. In one he asks voters, "Who supports keeping our troops in harm’s way in Iraq but not the bipartisan G.I. Bill of Rights to support them when they return home?" Then he answers that McCain and Bush both do. "Bet you can’t tell them apart," he says.

In another video, the actor tells voters that Senator McCain’s key campaign adviser, Charlie Black, is also a lobbyist for Blackwater Worldwide, the largest private contactor in Iraq and which profits from the war.

Mr. Cusack, who supports Barack Obama, told AP that this is his first foray into partisan politics:

"I know my opinion doesn’t matter more than anyone else’s and I just make films. But I do feel you have to speak out, and that’s what I’m doing. I’m not going to pretend this thing in Iraq was some kind of free market utopia to spread the gospel of democracy through the Middle East."

The videos will air on television starting tomorrow.

Yes, He Can: John Cusack Will Not be Outdone by Scarlett Johansson