2008 Petitions Are In: Silver's Two Challengers, Jennings' Return, Another Serrano

By last night at midnight, candidates who plan to run for office in New York this year on major party lines had to submit their petitions. (Hanging around the city’s Board of Elections office at 42 Broadway around then is fun, from what I recall.)

Here’s a list of people who have done it as of 11:30 p.m., courtesy of a well-informed reader who was out in the field.

Submitting petitions doesn’t automatically guarantee a spot on the ballot–since the petitions could be invalidated by legal challenges–but looking at who does submit still provides a good indicator of what races we’ll actually see this September and November. (It’s also worth noting that people who want to run on their own party lines can submit petitions later.)

Here’s a few things I noticed:

Both Sheldon Silver’s Democratic opponents–Paul Newell and Luke Henry–filed petitions.

Newly elected City Councilman Anthony Como will face only one challenger in November: Liz Crowley, one of the Democrats who ran in the June 3 special election, and who is related to the district leader, Representative Joe Crowley.

The Congressional seat being vacated by Vito Fossella is yielding a couple of primary fights: Councilman Mike McMahon and attorney Stephen Harrison will go for the Democratic nomination. On the Republican side, petitions were submitted for Frank Powers (although he passed away last month), Carmine Morano (a registered Independence Party member), Bob Straniere (a former Republican assemblyman) and Jamshad Wyne (a local doctor).

McMahon was the only one to file on the Working Families Party line. Both Morano and Paul Atanasio are looking to secure a place with the Conservative Party.

Occasionally controversial former Councilman Allan Jennings submitted a petition to run for State Senate against Shirley Huntley of Queens.

Democratic Representative Jerry Nadler, among the most liberal in the country, is facing a primary challenge from local artist Adam Sullivan, who is unhappy Nadler hasn’t moved to impeach George W. Bush.

One of the challengers to Joe Crowley, whose district includes portions of the Bronx and Queens, is named Jose Serrano, which happens to be the name of a popular congressman and a state senator from the Bronx, but, from what I understand, this Serrano is actually a third person with the very common name. This is a familiar situation for Crowley.

Candidate Inez Barron (wife of Charles Barron) could face a five-way Democratic primary for the Brooklyn State Assembly seat vacated by Diane Gordon, who was convicted of bribery earlier this year.

Indicted Democratic State Senator Efrain Gonzalez of the Bronx will face former State Senator Pedro Espada in the primary (as Hicks predicted).

Democratic Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV of Manhattan, who was arrested for on a DUI charge earlier this year, is not facing a primary challenge.

Bronx Democratic County Leader Jose Rivera is facing a primary challenge from a guy also looking to run on the Republican and Independence Party lines.

Outspoken Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benjamin is facing a three-way challenge.

Bronx Assemblyman Carl Heastie is facing a challenge from Councilwoman Maria Baez’s chief of staff, Sherman Browne (as Kappstatter predicted).

And Hiram Monserrate’s candidacy for State Senate is currently unchallenged. 2008 Petitions Are In: Silver's Two Challengers, Jennings' Return, Another Serrano