A Democrat for McCain, A Republican Husband

An interesting tidbit about the host of tonight’s Brooklyn Heights fund-raiser, "Democrats for John McCain."

It’s being put on by Roberta Weisbrod, a Democrat, who is married to a federal Judge David Trager, a Republican. As Gatemouth noted earlier, Trager was one of the few Republicans Bill Clinton appointed to the federal bench.

Trager has seen a number of notable cases, including the case against Lemrick Nelson, who was convicted of violating the civil rights of a Hasidic student who was killed during the Crown Heights riots in 1991. He later imposed the maximum sentence.

More recently, in 2006,  Trager threw out a suit filed by a Syrian-born Canadian who said he was detained without by the U.S. government due process at J.F.K. Airport and then shipped to Syria, where he was tortured. A Democrat for McCain, A Republican Husband