Amtrak On Its Latest Fare Hike

Last week, I griped about Amtrak’s latest fare increase, particularly in the Northeast. Amtrak got back to me today in an email. It turns out it’s not just in the Northeast; and it is partly due to higher fuel costs. From the email:

On July 8th, we increased the fares on the following routes by 5%. This was done as a result of our recent labor agreements as well as the rising cost of fuel on those routes that are powered by diesel locomotives. Our fares are set by supply and demand so the continued high demand and constrained capacity we are experiencing were also factors in the increase.

Northeast Regional (Washington, DC – New York – Boston)

Maple Leaf (Toronto – Niagara Falls – Syracuse – Albany – New York)

New Haven to Springfield Service

Empire (Niagara Falls – Syracuse – Albany – New York)

Pennsylvanian (Pittsburgh – New York)

Adirondack (Montreal – Albany – New York)

Ethan Allan Express (Rutland – Albany – New York)

Vermonter (St Albans – Springfield – New York – Washington)

Keystone (Harrisburg – Philadelphia – New York)

Hiawatha (Chicago – Milwaukee)

Wolverine (Chicago – Pontiac, MI)

Pere Marquette (Chicago – Grand Rapids, MI)

Blue Water (Chicago – Port Huron, MI)

Amtrak On Its Latest Fare Hike