Amtrak Ups Northeast Fares Again

Just when higher gas prices are making air and car travel ever more expensive, the nation’s intercity rail carrier has hiked its Northeast corridor fares. Amtrak some day very recently–we’re waiting for an email back about the time details–raised its fares between New York’s Penn Station and cities from Washington to at least Boston.

The cheapest ticket between Penn and Washington’s Union Station is now $72, up from $69 as recently as a couple of weeks ago (full disclosure: I take Amtrak to D.C. at least once a month). The cheapest ticket between Penn and Boston’s South Station is now $89, up from $70 or thereabouts only a year ago.

The Northeast-only Acela, America’s answer to Europe and Japan’s high-speed trains, now at its cheapest appears to cost $129.

The fare increases come as Amtrak ridership continues to jump, due in no small part to the increase in gas prices throughout the United States. The fare increases also come as the federal government tries to bolster Amtrak’s rather shaky infrastructure, partly to make Northeastern travel quicker and less prone to delays. My colleague Eliot Brown has more on that here and here.

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Amtrak Ups Northeast Fares Again