Amy Peohler Not Actually in Office Spin-off

Lots of entertainment blogs (including us) and respected news sources have been buzzing about Amy Poehler being cast in an Office spin-off. Looks like we goofed. Amy Poehler is ditching SNL to star in a new NBC comedy that will air alongside The Office, and will be produced by Greg Daniels, the creator of America’s version of The Office. But, it’s not actually the Office spin-off that NBC has been gabbing about since their announcement in April.

All of this Office spin-off business has us dizzy!

Ms. Poehler’s show will be "stylistically" like The Office (sorta faux-documentary like), but you won’t necessarily see Ms. Poehler in a cubicle.

There is an official Office spin-off but producers are still developing it and it’s on the backburner because Ms. Poehler’s show is more exciting, apparently.

TV Decoder tries to explain:

Her show may premiere next March, and will be “stylistically” similar to “The Office” even though it is not a spin-off, the NBC Entertainment co-chair Ben Silverman told reporters Monday.

The program will be produced by Greg Daniels (who adapted “The Office” for the United States) and Mike Schur (whom Ms. Poehler worked with when he wrote for “S.N.L.”).

As for the other show — the one announced in April — casting is under way. “We’re still pursuing a spin-off,” Mr, Silverman said, “but when you get a talent like Amy Poehler on the top of her game coming off what easily could have been a decision to become a full-time movie star, this was a great chance to land her.”

  Amy Peohler Not Actually in Office Spin-off