Are There Any Upstanding Strip Clubs In Manhattan?

Mere months after the highly publicized shuttering of Scores West, investigators have busted yet another Manhattan strip club for selling what the industry so politely calls "extras."

Cops arrested lawyer Louis Posner, proprietor of the popular Hot Lap Dance Club, located at 344 West 38th Street, and some 20 other people, including adult film star and "feature performer" Alexia Moore, on prostitution and money-laundering charges over the weekend.

I recently asked former Scores dancer Ruth Fowler, author of the new stripper memoir, No Man’s Land, whether there are any New York strip clubs that don’t allow that sort of thing.

"Flash Dancers," replied Ms. Fowler, who performed at various venues around town. "They’re really fucking strict. They’re, like, the cleanest club I’ve ever worked at. They’re so hard on girls who do extras." Are There Any Upstanding Strip Clubs In Manhattan?