Ashley Dupre Will Be the Next Dr. Phil

Ashley Dupre, responsible for incriminating two married men now, may finally settle on a $2 million reality-show deal, according to The New York Post.

Los Angeles producer David Krieff approached Ms. Dupre two weeks ago after an entertainment network and a studio already signed up for a project that may include a two-hour interview in which she’ll talk about her life as "Kirsten" and a reality show centered around her life as the daughter of a wealthy oral surgeon in Wall, N.J.

It seems that the Tila Taquila-style show on MTV that she was reportedly wrangling was ultimately too lowbrow for Ms. Dupre, whose "people" are trying to clean up her image.

Mr. Krieff said that Ms. Dupre’s team of attorneys and publicists–yes, she’s got both–want a show that focuses around her career goals of journalism and lounge singing and something about becoming the next Dr. Phil. She’s very versatile, you see.

While the deal is still on the table, Ms. Dupre’s lawyers and publicist are expected to sign within the next few weeks according to Mr. Krieff.

"It’s a seven-figure deal. There could be a book," Mr Krieff said. "It’s an overall exclusive-rights deal. As far as I know, it’s the only deal she’s considering."




Ashley Dupre Will Be the Next Dr. Phil