Ashley Dupre Won’t Go Away

Ashley Dupre, the hard-working Jersey girl who we thought would be leaving us for L.A. to pursue a reality TV career, is still here, it turns out, spending her time in hotel rooms and going on shopping sprees with another married man.

Today’s New York Post reports that Ms. Dupre spent 24 hours with 35-year-old New Jersey asphalt heir, Thomas J. Earle. The two were reportedly seen drinking, dining and shopping together in midtown, before checking into the Gramercy Park hotel on Tuesday.

Ms. Dupre and Mr. Earle left the hotel the next day, departing 10 minutes apart.

According to the Post, Mr. Earle lives less than two miles away from Ms. Dupre’s family’s Jersey home and has a "very stunning" wife and two children. Ashley Dupre Won’t Go Away