Bob Costas Unloads Time Warner Condo For $8.5 M.

The Time Warner Center often rightfully gets credit for sparking Columbus Circle’s renaissance and laying the groundwork for at least eight new condo developments in a five-block radius since it opened in 2003. So you can’t help but wonder if developer Related Companies ever gets peeved when the buildings it paved the way for come in and steal its thunder—that means you, 15 Central Park West!

The Zeckendorf-developed, Stern-designed condo appears to have done just that: Sportscaster Bob Costas and wife Jill Sutton have sold their 61st-floor Time Warner condo (and a storage unit) for $8.5 million to an unknown buyer, city records show. They paid $4.95 million for the 1,819-square-foot, two-bedroom model apartment furnished for the developer in 2005, and reportedly later converted it into a three-bedroom.

Presumably, they will be settling into the 3,444-square-foot, three-bedroom, condo at 15 Central Park West that they bought for $10.8 million last November. They may not have to adjust to a new neighborhood, but they will have to contend with a much more circumscribed, eighth-floor view. Bob Costas Unloads Time Warner Condo For $8.5 M.