Cuomo Finishes Filing Period With Over $3 Million

Andrew Cuomo raised $2,083,528.37 during this last filing period (January 12-July 11), spent $233,143.23 and finished with a closing balance of $3,008,259.86

Here are some notable transactions:

$1,000 donated from Darrison Barrett & Associates, L.L.C., the firm that does fund-raising for David Paterson.

$5,000 donated from Global Strategy Group, the consulting firm that worked with Eliot Spitzer, and now works with Paterson.

$10,000 donated in January from the political action committee for the New York State Troopers, a group of people Cuomo began investigating earlier this year.

$101 was paid to the city’s taxi and limousine commission on June 23.

And $469 was paid to the A.G.’s office for an unspecified reimbursement.

UPDATE: Cuomo’s campaign spokeswoman, Amy Dowell, e-mailed to explain some of the expenditures:

"The taxi reimbursement was for numerous cab rides by campaign staff in and around NYC for campaign related activities.


"The campaign paid $469 to the OAG to reimburse the entire cost of the Attorney General’s round-trip airfare for a trip where he was on state business and also attended a political event while on that same trip.

"The contribution from the NYS Troopers PBA was accepted before the investigation. The NYS Troopers PBA represents the rank and file Troopers of the NYS Police. The campaign does not believe the donation from the NYS Troopers PBA presents any conflict. "

Cuomo Finishes Filing Period With Over $3 Million