Defending Rangel, Vetting Clinton

Keith Wright says that he thinks as long as Charlie Rangel is paying his rent, "everything’s cool." [Liz]

Howard Wolfson says that as far as he knows, Hillary Clinton is not being vetted as a potential running mate. [CNN]

A blogger questions Bloomberg’s population math. [Queens Crap]

Is Andrew Sullivan turning on Obama? [Atlantic]

Forty thousand New Yorkers moved to Atlanta between 2000 and 2005. [The Sun]

John McCain: Hispanic Americans are "God’s People." [CNN]

Renzo Piano says climbing the New York Times building using the ceramic rods he designed is "an inappropriate use." [Gothamist]

A group of Bronx residents are suing the city over the smell from a fertilizer factory. [Hunts Point Express]

  Defending Rangel, Vetting Clinton