DeFilippo: Cohen’s seat to be filled within 35 days

Charlotte DeFilippo, chair of the Union County DemocraticCommittee, issued a statement this afternoon inresponse to the resignation earlier today of Assemblyman Neil Cohen (D-Roselle).

“A meeting of the Democratic Committee members from the 20th Legislative District will be held as expeditiously as possible and within the statutory 35 days to fill the vacant Assembly seat," said DeFilippo.

“I’m certain that a number of well-qualified candidates will put themselves forward to represent the district.It is, however, premature to speculate as to who those candidates might be.

“For the remaining 35 days, the communities of Elizabeth, Union, Roselle and Kenilworth are well-represented by Assemblyman Joseph Cryan and Senator Raymond Lesniak.”

So far, party sources say Roselle Councilwoman Cecilia Dallis-Ricks appears to be the favorite,with Elizabeth Councilwoman Patricia Perkins-Auguste also in contention.

DeFilippo: Cohen’s seat to be filled within 35 days