Elsewhere: 200,000 Germans

There were an estimated 200,000 people at Barack Obama’s speech in Germany.

Greg Sargent writes of the speech,"[T]he discussion of terror was more extensive than you might have expected."

Michael Crowley wonders about Obama’s phrase "people of the world."

Ben notes that while the German press has gone nuts for Obama, the French press may not be following.

Rudy Giuliani’s son is suing Duke because they kicked him off the golf team and "interfered with Giuliani’s efforts toward becoming a professional golfer." 

Apparently absolutely no one can find Obama’s senior thesis.

Obama will be on Capitol Hill Tuesda .

Ezra Klein compares the McCain campaign to Howard Dean‘s presidential campaign.

Obama is not raking in money from Clinton supporters.

Darren Dopp trashed the Public Integrity Commission report, and said he would fight his charges.

Four days after news stories reported tension between Malcolm Smith and David Paterson, Smith’s office released a statement saying everything is fine.

Dean Skelos says Chemung County (near Elmira) is not all that different than Nassau, but that’s not really true.

Let the petition challenges begin!

Since when is North Dakota a swing state?

  Elsewhere: 200,000 Germans