Elsewhere: Belarus, North Dakota

Phil Gramm to Belarus!

The Obama campaign did not release June fund-raiser numbers, but the McCain campaign did and held a conference call to reassure donors.

A Pew national poll shows Obama 48-McCain 40.

Notably, a Rasmussen poll has both candidates tied at 43 percent in North Dakota.

Dan Balz says the Jesse Jackson ado provided Obama with an accidental Sister Souljah moment.

Michelle Obama talks about personal responsibility.

Marc Ambinder takes a long look at what Obama’s trip overseas might mean for his candidacy.

Upstate Congressional candidate (and millionaire) Jack Davis bought gas for voters today.

Mike McMahon is working on getting a campaign web site up.

Joe Addabbo is kicking off his State Senate campaign on Saturday with a Howard Beach fund-raiser.

Dan Squadron got two union endorsements.

A former aide to Assemblyman Jose Rivera ripped off $53,000 from the Department of Social Services by lying about her income. Elsewhere: Belarus, North Dakota