Elsewhere: Charges to the Mayflower, Supporting St. Vincent's

Eliot Spitzer’s campaign filings show payments to the Mayflower Hotel.

George W. Bush unselfconsciously offers some advice to Barack Obama for his trip to Iraq.

James Kirchick takes the "Netroots" to task.

Obama says that John McCain has totally shifted positions way more than him.

Christine Quinn, Scott Stringer, Tom Duane and Jerry Nadler came out in support of the St. Vincent’s hospital plan to tear down a building.

Demonstrators protested a proposed rezoning on the Lower East Side.

Dick Lugar says he’s totally fine with the way Obama characterized their relationship in his latest ad.

Liz has lots background on Ruben Diaz, Sr.’s involvement with the Republican Party.

Congressional candidate Jon Powers, who is running for the Rochester seat that Tom Reynolds is retiring from, talks about leaving Iraq four years ago in a Huffington Post blog post.

A cartoonist for The Seattle Post Intelligencer creates a New Yorker-style cover for John McCain. (via Ben.)

The Nation has yet another take.

Columbia is going to release a blight study Thursday, the first step towards seizing land by eminent domain.

City Limits has a long profile of Kevin Powell, with details like how reason he got kicked out of Rutgers, how many famous-type friends he has, and how he feels now about the Real World.

City Hall News reports that some Queens politicians are stuck between labor interests and local residents on the Willets Point redevelopment plan.

Diplomatically, Michael Bloomberg says his dream ticket would be have both Obama and McCain. Elsewhere: Charges to the Mayflower, Supporting St. Vincent's