Elsewhere: Kanye, Solis Doyle, Salter, Barron

John McCain praised Barack Obama, and also linked him to George W. Bush.

Kanye West, Wyclef Jean and N.E.R.D. will perform at the Democratic National Convention.

Patti Solis Doyle claims no hard feelings in an interview with the Associated Press.

State Senate Republicans have out-raised the Democrats by nearly 2-1.

Three progressive Democratic upstate Congressional candidates–Jon Powers, Dan Maffei and Eric Massa–are out-raising their opponents.

Buffalo Pundit is amused by the campaign filing of Jack Davis.

Six sanitation workers were arrested for illegally selling scrap metal.

The cost of residential energy use is up more than 10 percent in New York.

Streetsblog is hopeful that the gas crisis will create more demand for better public transportation.

Inez Barron’s case is going to the high court.

Michael Crowley profiles the "brooding" Mark Salter.

Meghan McCain dined with Heidi Montag.

Planned Parenthood is airing a swing-state ad about McCain‘s stance on birth control.

MoveOn.org is airing an ad that criticizes McCain for opposing a timetable for Iraq withdrawal.

PolitickerNJ rates some of New Jersey’s scandals. Elsewhere: Kanye, Solis Doyle, Salter, Barron