Elsewhere: McCain’s Skin, Thompson’s Rainy-Day Fund

The Obama campaign got the former chief of the Army medical center Obama didn’t visit in Germany to respond to John McCain’s ad that drew attention to it.

Ben reports that this ad was probably meant mostly for the media, not for TV.

Chris Cillizza considers whether it should matter than McCain had some skin removed from his face today, and says the answer is "definitely maybe."

Marc Ambinder thinks it should have gotten more coverage, or at least more than Obama’s hip.

McCain finally gets that picture in front of an oil rig.

Once again, it looks like New York State will not be in compliance with the Help America Vote Act by the next election.

Bill Thompson thinks the city needs a rainy-day fund, and Eliot Brown predicts that debt will be an issue in the mayoral race.

Richard Brodsky is looking for more information on the new Yankees Stadium and its relationship with the city and the I.R.S.

Yvette Clarke’s endorsement of Bill de Blasio is not going over well with some in the Caribbean community.

Coney Island United is a new group that hopes to limit development

Robert Harding thinks there’s something pretty hypocritical about Jack Davis’s pledge not to take money from P.A.C.s. 

Daily Kos added upstate Congressional candidate Jon Powers to its "Orange to Blue" program.

The Staten Island Right to Life Party backed Bob Straniere.

A Daily Gotham blogger posts some pretty disgusting pictures of the Gowanus Canal and concludes there is much more work to be done.

Gatemouth thinks Kevin Powell is narcissistic.

Tony Avella got flowers from Pamela Anderson, who was thrilled about his bill that would ban horse drawn carriages in the city. [no link, see above]

Halfway through this video, a candidate for State Senate in Maine is interviewed in front of a giant Mr. Potatohead.

Elsewhere: McCain’s Skin, Thompson’s Rainy-Day Fund