Elsewhere: Paterson’s Big Moment, Obama on Pakistan

Of David Paterson’s speech, Chris Smith writes, "[T]he political message is that he wants to use this moment to prove he’s something more than the product of a hooker scandal, that he isn’t (just) the blind guy with the complicated marital and romantic history."

After meeting with the prime minister of Pakistan, Barack Obama issues a "restrained" statement

Sharpe James was sentenced to 27 months in prison.

Chris Christie was hoping he’d get more.

Obama has put out an ad responding to McCain’s ad that blamed Obama for high gas prices. 

The R.N.C. debuts both BarackBook (a FaceBook parody) and a new ad (Obama’s trip to Germany parody). 

Michelle Obama is named one of Vanity Fair‘s best dressed.

John Kerry  was not partying with college kids, his rep wants you to know. 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a plan by the company that owns Indian Point nuclear plant to create a spinoff company, effectively getting out of a revenue sharing agreement with the state.

The Gowanus hotel boom shows no signs of slowing.

"We’ll have enough to worry about on election day without a bunch of voting machines that can’t be turned on," writes ReformNY’s Laura Seago.

The L and 7 trains are supposedly the best subway lines.

Anthony Weiner went to the beach. And there were lifeguards!

And here’s an amazing fact: Ted Stevens, who was indicted today, has been in Alaska longer than it has been a state.

Elsewhere: Paterson’s Big Moment, Obama on Pakistan