Elsewhere: Spitzer's Donation, Bloomberg on Rangel

David Paterson’s gay marriage directive goes to court tomorrow.

Al Sharpton comments on Jesse Jackson’s recent gaffe.

The head of the NAACP says that Obama’s candidacy does not signal a post-civil rights era.

Cindy McCain is likely going to make a lot of money off a beer deal.

State Senator Jeff Klein hit $1 million.

The Capitol reports that Tom Golisano is beginning to pick candidates to back.

Obama, naturally, opposes George W. Bush lifting the offshore drilling ban.

Michael Bloomberg did not want to say anything about Charlie Rangel’s apartments.

McCain referenced Czechoslovakia as if it still existed.

Carmine Morano, who is trying to win Vito Fossella’s Congressional seat, is going after his opponent, Mike McMahon, over the stalled funds for the Staten Island light rail.

A Congressional candidate who wants to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand helped some people out of a car crash.

Glenn Thrush, a seriously good reporter, goes to Politico.

Choire Sicha wonders what the mayor’s recalculations on poverty say about the success of the welfare-to-work policies initiated under Rudy Giuliani.

Liz goes through David Paterson’s finance filings and finds, among other things, that Bernard Spitzer donated $3,500 on January 18.

Jerry Skurnik spots a few more interesting races: both Miguel Martinez vs. Adriano Espaillat and Bernard Goetz vs. Fred Newman!

Jack Reed says he’s not interested in being Obama’s running mate, nor does he think they are looking at him.

Eliot Brown notes that the Port Authority head’s chief of staff makes nearly $170,000.

Ed Rendell speaks the truth, yet again.

  Elsewhere: Spitzer's Donation, Bloomberg on Rangel