Elsewhere: Subway Scofflaws, the Three Michael Murphys and Dmitry Medvedev's Soul

George W. Bush met with Dmitry Medvedev, the new Russian President, but apparently neglected to look into his soul.

John McCain and Barack Obama promoted their economic plans and both agreed that the other’s program would be disastrous for the country.

This should provide Obama with a talking point to defend his plan for a phased withdrawal from Iraq – although it might also reinforce McCain’s “the surge has worked” mantra.

Michael Murphy, the Republican political consultant and not the actor or the 1997 New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial candidate, may soon be taking charge of McCain’s campaign.

A new InsiderAdvantage poll shows a dead heat in “the hidden battleground” of Georgia – and suggests an extra boost for Obama should he choose favorite son Sam Nunn as his running-mate.

Are the Democrats about to nominate the wrong candidate to run against one of the most vulnerable Republican members of the U.S. Senate?

Marcus Brauchli, forced out of the Wall Street Journal by Rupert Murdoch, will replace Leonard Downie as the executive editor of the Washington Post.

The good people at Capitol Confidential remind us that Tom Golisano isn’t the only one with a P.A.C. that will invest in this fall’s state Senate races.

Dan Janison at Spin Cycle doesn’t think much of the talk about Mike Bloomberg buying control of the state Republican Party.

And finally, to help you get ready for your commute tomorrow morning, City Room has a helpful guide to the various ways that the City of New York can charge helpless, well-meaning citizens with subway fare evasion. Elsewhere: Subway Scofflaws, the Three Michael Murphys and Dmitry Medvedev's Soul