Elsewhere: That Fiscal Crisis, Paris Hits Back

In Washington today, David Paterson asked the federal government for more money for infrastructure.

Paterson is not taking Joseph Stiglitz‘s advice.

A tax cap, not a tax slap, says Jim Tedisco, cleverly.

New York City is in better shape financially than New York State, says The Economist.

According to a report by the company that owns Indian Point nuclear plant, the facility is safe, except for some emergency measures, and also the community relations are bad.

The Sierra Club put six figures into an ad criticizing John McCain.

Paris Hilton is super peeved that she was used in McCain’s ad without permission.

Representative Mike Arcuri is no longer criticizing the "surge," which he vocally opposed.

Upstate Democratic Congressional candidate Eric Massa got an endorsement from Major General John Bapiste, a Republican.

Kevin Powell wrote a confrontational open letter to Ed Towns, and posted it on FaceBook.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall endorsed the city’s plan to redevelop Willets Point.

A Streetsblog blogger considers what would happen if New York, like Chicago, privatized its street parking. 

Ron Paul’s support is strong enough in the West that it could be a distraction for the McCain campaign.

Jesse Ventura will speak at Paul’s alternative G.O.P. convention. Thrilling.

Elsewhere: That Fiscal Crisis, Paris Hits Back