Freedom’s Watch targets Stender, Adler in robocalls

Two Democratic state lawmakers running for Congress are being targeted by a new series of robocalls about gas prices from Freedom’s Watch, the conservative-leaning advocacy group. The calls, which will begin today, will go out to residents represented by Assemblywoman Linda Stender and Sen. John Adler.

“Hi, this is an emergency gas price alert from Freedom’s Watch. Did you know New Jersey gas taxes add more than 14 cents to every gallon of gas? 14 cents!” an announcer intones on the calls going out to voters in Stender and Adler’s districts. The call then asks what Stender and Adler are doing to address the issue. “Nothing,” announcer says.

“If we can’t depend on Linda Stender to stand up for us today, when can we count on her?” asks the call targeting Stender.

The robocalls will be going out to homes throughout the week. It is the fourth set of calls Freedom’s Watch has released slamming Democratic House incumbents and candidates. The organization just wrapped up its first radio advertisement campaign targeting Democratic incumbents.

Stender, who is running in the 7th Congressional District, and Adler, who is running in the 3rd District, are two of nine state lawmakers targeted in the calls.

Other targets are Alabama state Sen. Parker Griffith, Nevada state Sen. Dina Titus, Kentucky state Sen. David Boswell, Illinois state Sen. Debbie Halvorson, Ohio state Sen. John Boccieri, Oregon state Sen. Kurt Schrader, and Ohio state Rep. Steve Driehaus.

Ed Patru, a spokesman for Freedom’s Watch, declined to specify how much the group was spending on the calls.

The organization is additionally launching a set of calls this week targeting Democratic House incumbents on the issue of gas prices and energy. The members include Connecticut Rep. Chris Murphy, Louisiana Rep. Don Cazayoux, Maine Rep. Tom Allen, Mississippi Rep. Travis Childers, Texas Reps. Nick Lampson and Ciro Rodriguez, and Wisconsin Rep. Steve Kagen.

The organization, which launched in late 2007, was originally focused on national defense and homeland security. But Freedom’s Watch has since shifted its focus into the realm of gas prices and energy.

“We believe energy is the number one issue on the minds of Americans and we think it’s an excellent issue on which to draw contrasts between conservative solutions and liberal inaction,” said Patru.

Freedom’s Watch targets Stender, Adler in robocalls