Governor seeks biotech industry contacts in Israel

Gov. Jon Corzine today said his trip to Israel is about business buildingandcreating better contacts, which may lead to formal, organized events in the future in New Jersey.

While "No one's going to say I'm going to sign the doted line today," the governor told reporters in an afternoonconference call, he believes the biotech industry contains potential for greater state to country economic relations.

"There is a remendous focus on biotechnology here in Israel that hits very closely with what we're doing in New Jersey,"Corzine said."I would hope to see foreign investment into New Jersey, and I would like to see the growth of sales from New Jersey to Israel."

New Jersey's exports to Israel grew 195% in 2007, said Corzine, making the state fourth behind California, New York and Texas. Governor seeks biotech industry contacts in Israel