Harvey Weinstein, Blogger

Harvey Weinstein has finally—finally!—started a blog. The former co-chairman of Miramax and current head of the Weinstein Company has written a post for Portfolio‘s newest blog, the hiply titled Playas, which will be guest-edited by celebrities and executives. (No, it’s not about beaches en Mexico.) According to a press release, Mr. Weinstein will be writing for a week.

In his link-free and comment-disabled post [Update, 2:27 PM: Looks like links and comments have been added], Mr. Weinstein bemoans how superhero movies are eclipsing indie films like the Weinstein Company’s Boy A, which Mr. Weinstein plugs throughout as a four-time BAFTA TV Award winner and recipient of "rave reviews after its premiere."

Who’s to blame for the American public’s embrace of various Bat– and Ironmen and its rejection of challenging movies? According to Mr. Weinstein, the media, of course. As he writes:

Let’s face it—I know everyone has their job pressures, especially in media, where gossip reigns supreme. So why would the media want to deal with a tough-minded movie when they could write about the youngest young starlet?

Blaming the media for … everything. Mr. Weinstein might just get the hang of blogging after all.


Harvey Weinstein, Blogger