Newsday Political Reporter Glenn Thrush Joins Politico

Newsday‘s star political reporter—and Hillary Clinton chronicler—Glenn Thrush is leaving the Long Island-daily for Politico. We’ve been wondering where Thrush would land after Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race, and now he’s got the perfect forum to advertise the big-time work he’s been delivering. He’ll be a congressional reporter for Politico, which is a big coups for the website as they try to demonstrate post-election relevance.

As for Newsday… Well! Their national desk, decimated like everything at that paper in recent months, loses a big time player.

Here’s the memo:

Our congressional team, which is rapidly and rightly becoming known as the best in the business under Tim Grieve’s leadership, is about to get a valuable new addition.

Glenn Thrush is a reporter at Newsday who drew wide notice (including from his competitors here at Politico) for his standout work covering Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

His work at Newsday showed he can deliver what we want: Aggressive reporting, sophisticated analysis, speed. Our conversations made plain that he understands Politico’s mission and is ready to advance it.

Plus, we like his taste in hats.

In addition to plunging in on the Hill, we expect Glenn to be a vigorous participant in our presidential campaign coverage through the fall.

He starts Aug. 4. It’ll be nice to start reading Glenn’s work and say "I’m glad we had that" instead of "I wish we had that."


Newsday Political Reporter Glenn Thrush Joins Politico