It looks like Norcross for Congress

The word among South Jersey Democrats is that Donald Norcross, the brother of one of the state’s most powerful political insiders, will replace Rob Andrews in the U.S. House of Representatives. Sources say that the decision to send Norcross, the South Jersey AFL-CIO President and the Camden County Democratic Co-Chairman, to Congress appears nearly final – but that party leaders have little incentive to call a vote to ratify that choice anytime soon.

The nomination currently belongs to Camille Andrews, the wife of the incumbent, who became a caretaker candidate last April. Despite speculation that he would run again for the House after losing the U.S. Senate primary to Frank Lautenberg, Rob Andrews has steadfastly insisted that he will not return to Congress.

The candidacy of political boss George Norcross’ brother will create a small brouhaha, but nothing Democrats can’t handle. The first district is strongly Democratic and Republicans, who might scream and yell a bit, won’t be able to do much about it. It looks like Norcross for Congress