Judd Apatow Returns to Stand-Up

Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler are doing their research for their current project, Funny People. The movie is to be set in "the world of stand-up comedy," Mr. Sandler revealed last month. "I haven’t done stand-up in, like, ten years," Adam Sandler recently complained in an interview with MTV.

Not only is Mr. Sandler doing sets at various LA comedy clubs, writer and director Mr. Apatow is also hitting the LA comedy scene and appearing at the annual Just for Laughs festival in Montreal this month. He knows the scene well: he was a stand-up comic for seven years before realizing that his talents lay elsewhere.

Mr. Apatow said he changed directions once he discovered that he "lacked something very specific: charisma."

If you stumble across either of them on their comedy tour, be kind…. Judd Apatow Returns to Stand-Up