Katz ousted from union leadership post

The Star-Ledger reports that CWA Local 1034 President and former Corzine girlfriend Carla Katz was removed from her post today after the union’s national leadership found that she misappropriate funds and violated federal labor laws.

According to a press release issued by the union, a temporary administrator has been appointed by the executive board ” in order to protect members’ dues, ensure compliance with federal and state law, the Union’s Constitution and the Local's Bylaws and restore union democracy.”

The rest of Local's board were also removed from their positions.

Local 1034 represents about 16,000 workers, most of whom are state employees. It is the largest of all of CWA’s locals.

"An extensive internal review revealed probable cause to believe that the local is engaged in ongoing financial malpractice, the misappropriation of union funds, a failure to comply with state and federal law, as well as the CWA constitution, and the suppression of dissent," read a press release from the national board. "The CWA national executive board has determined that it has no choice but to take this action to protect the rights and resources of the members of Local 1034."

According to the article, the release outlined a host of alleged wrongdoings by Katz during her tenure as president, including misappropriating funds to support her own reelection, authorizing over $700,000 in political donations, threatening and retaliating against union members who were critical of her, and failing to maintain time records to detail what she’s done as president.

Katz is an unpaid columnist for PolitickerNJ.com. Katz ousted from union leadership post