Kuck response to controversy

The former Republican committeeman who’s brought national headlines to the small town of Pemberton over a controversial banner-ad posted on his Web site has written a letter on his Web site denying any racist intent.

Kuck had posted a quote that said “Obama loves America like O.J. loved Nicole,” a derivation from a quote by conservative Anne Coulter in 2005 that said “liberals love America like O.J. loved Nicole.”

Kuck, whose wife of 35 years is originally from Thailand, said that he understands racial discrimination because the couple faced it when they first married.

“I am deeply hurt by all the pain this controversy has caused my family. Anyone that knows me knows that I am about as far from being a racist as you could possibly be,” he said.

While Kuck apologized to anyone he offended by putting the quote on his Web site, he wrote that “I am more sorry that my family and friends had to endure such a traumatic experience because the PC police assumed that I was a racist… This website always was and will continue to remain my own personal website, and I will put on it whatever I please!”

  Kuck response to controversy