Leo DiCaprio Welcoming Another Twilight Zone?

Cue that creepy theme song. Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company and Warner Bros. are quietly seeking treatments and script ideas based on the show for feature development.

In the 1983 Twilight Zone, Warners made a four-segment film, with each segment based on an original episode in the series. Each mini-movie was made by a different director — Joe Dante, John Landis, George Miller and Steven Spielberg. Mr. DiCaprio and his cohorts don’t plan on making another episodic movie, but rather hope to build one continuing story line based on one or more episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The companies plan on making big bucks off the rerun watchers:

Warners owns rights to the Rod Serling-penned episodes, which account for the bulk of its 1959-64 run. The Serling shows include such famous episodes as "To Serve Man," about giant aliens who land on Earth, and "Eye of the Beholder," about an inverted society where the attractive are considered ugly. The original series contained about 155 episodes.

Thanks to syndication — the show now runs on Sci Fi Channel — and many pop-culture homages, "Twilight Zone" continues to have a devoted, if somewhat older-skewing, fan base nearly five decades after it left the primetime airwaves.

  Leo DiCaprio Welcoming Another Twilight Zone?