Lineup for July 16, 2008

John Koblin meets Katharine Weymouth, The Washington Post‘s publisher, and writes, "Ms. Weymouth’s position is not identical to those of her predecessors. About three years after The New York Times brought its Internet and print staffs together to integrate the newsroom, The Post is trying out the same thing."

How did Robin Meade, lead anchor of CNN Headline News’ Morning Express land the big freed FARC detainees interview, wonders Felix Gillette. Ms. Meade says, "It wasn’t expected. … It’s one of those things, it comes at you. I haven’t had time to sit around and think, how’s this going to rank? I’m honored that they trusted me and that they feel like the audience got their story."

Pat Dorman returns to Hyperion and Leon Neyfakh writes, "Ms. Dorman was a prize for Hyperion. They wanted her so badly, in fact, that they deployed the old ‘give them their own imprint’ trick, a sort of trump card publishing houses play when they want to make it really hard for whomever they’re after to say no." Plus: 17-Year-Old Firebrand Novelist Does New York; Pitchfork: The Book.

Plus: Hunter S. ThompsonSteve GuttenbergJane Mayer. Lineup for July 16, 2008