Lineup for July 30, 2008

Leon Neyfakh reads David Carr’s The Night of the Gun and concludes that the book "turns the traditional memoir on its head, assuming as it does that its author knows nothing about his own life and must research it as though it were someone else’s. The book practically interrogates itself, questioning its own right to exist even as Mr. Carr vigilantly gathers string on the dark and druggy life he led into his 30s."

Josh Benson and Felix Gillette examine, "The McCain campaign’s response to the quantifiable imbalance in volume-of-coverage—a function, depending on whom you ask, of the fact that the press loves the Barack Obama story or that John McCain is the Republican nominee for president—has been a petulant cry of foul for the kind of infraction gentlemen are supposed to ignore."

John Koblin looks at Condé Nast’s stealth blogs and writes, "As magazine publishers continue to try and refine their confused, semi-committed approach to the Internet, these little-known sites—in-house name: ‘The Network’—are a company trial of sorts, a slick repackaging of ‘girl’-illa blogs edited by Susan Kaplow, previously a director of development at the teen-marketing site Though they all link with mysterious persistence to Condé Nast products and advertisers, Ms. Kaplow refused to call them ‘Webvertorial.’" Plus: Cruel, Cruel Summer.

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