Maggie Gyllenhaal on Heath Ledger, Her Brother, and Her Shrink

For its August issue, Marie Claire recruited Maggie Gyllenhaal, Batman’s girlfriend in Dark Knight—and stroller-pushing Park Sloper—to talk about her career, her brother Jake, and what it was like losing co-star and Brooklyn neighbor, Heath Ledger earlier this year.

You already know what’s next: Highlights!

On the death of Heath Ledger: "We live pretty close to them. [But] it was disgusting. I had journalists call me on my cell phone. There were these two shy girls sent from some rag magazine to camp in front of my house. I came home with [my daughter] Ramona and I was so shocked and angry. These poor girls, it wasn’t their fault. They were out of their element."

On seeing a shrink: "For me it’s about getting to know my own mind… It makes it easier to grow, and to grow up. I’m always thinking about what I want to take from my mother and what I don’t."

On her younger brother, Jake: “We lived with him in Los Angeles when Peter [Sarsgaard] and Jake were making Rendition. Jake has a beautiful house, much nicer than a hotel. He’s great with kids—it comes naturally to him. He really has that touch.”

On turning 30: “I’m not the youngest person at the table anymore. I’m not the young precocious one… I feel like I’m engaging with people in a different way now. I am a woman. I’m treated with respect, as an equal.”

[Via Just Jared] Maggie Gyllenhaal on Heath Ledger, Her Brother, and Her Shrink