McQueeny helped organize Lautenberg’s Springsteen concert

Jim McQueeny, a lobbyist who hosts News 12 New Jersey’s Power & Politics, was one of the organizers of U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg’s now controversial plan to buy 40 premium seats to a Bruce Springsteen concert for $108 and resell them to campaign contributors for $1,500. Lautenberg cancelled the fundraiser yesterday after The Record broke a story detailing the event, which involved a deal with the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, a state agency, to obtain concert tickets set aside for VIP’s and political insiders. McQueeny, who served on Lautenberg’s staff in the 1980’s, worked on the event with Dan Katz, the Senator’s Chief of Staff, and Samantha Maltzman, the campaign finance director.

Update: McQueeny denies that he's involved in Lautenberg's campaign.

McQueeny's weekly public affairs show regularly discusses political campaigns and he interviews candidates and strategists from both parties. In 2002, he took a leave of absence from his hosting duties to work on Lautenberg's five-week campaign for the Senate.

Asked in September 2007 what his role in the Lautenberg campaign will be, McQueeny wrote "The answer is, and will always be: 'none.' Actually, I could further amplify that: 'none-whatsoever.'" McQueeny helped organize Lautenberg’s Springsteen concert